Original Plush: Marshmallow Finch

Marshmallow finch plush, front view
Marshmallow finch plush, main concept art

This week features a customized bird plush; it is made out of a pillow that has a marshmallow-like texture! I also have been obsessed with a doodle I made of a fat finch and I wanted to make it.

I first saw these super soft pillows when I visited Japan in 2017 – I bought a cat mochi pillow at that time, and I got my friend to collect another 2 for me later that year. Soon after, similar pillows started to appear in costco, and now they are starting to spread around to other stores.

I have always wanted to find out why these pillows were so soft, but the ones from Japan were too cute to cut up. Now that there are not-as-cute designs in stores, I can finally find out their soft secrets.

I bought one of those super squishy marshmallow pillows from a Michael’s craft store, using a 40% off coupon. I’m sure there are some nicer, bigger ones out there, but I was looking for a mostly white one.

The procedure started off with visualizing the shape out of the pillow’s flattened cylinder shape. I tried reusing as many of its seams as I could, in hopes that it won’t bunch up or go wrinkly.

Marshmallow finch plush, concept art

Next step was to use the seam ripper to cut out the face. I found out that it was the stretchiness of the fabric, along with the premium poly fiber, that created the marshmallow texture. Along the seams are some stretchy pieces of fabric, so maybe that helps it stretch back to shape?

Original plush, with face removed and stuffing showing

I marked out the approximate area to shape and I cut a piece out of the side to make the head and butt shape; the cut out piece was important to preserve, so that I could reuse it as the tail. The face piece managed to supply me with enough material to make the tiny wingtips!

Original plush,  with some fabric cut out of the side
1. Cut out the face and a bit off of one side
Original plush face, with peak cut off for wing tips
RIP, Arty the marshmallow plush

I’m not sure what it would look like if I laid out the fabric flat, but in 3D, the shape turned out perfect! Adding the beak, feet, and eyes, it practically is the spitting image of my doodle.

Marshmallow finch plush, with sides pinned together
2. Pin the sides together in place
Marshmallow finch plush, with sides sewn together
3. Sew sides together to form birb shape
Marshmallow finch plush, front view to the side
4. Add beak, feet, wingtips, tail, and eyes

I don’t think the material is readily available to the public – I need to find a good supplier of this stretchy minky-like fabric, along with that super soft stuffing. Maybe if I found some more supplies, I could make more of these squishy finches! Here’s the final result:

Marshmallow finch plush, front view
Marshmallow finch plush, front top view
Marshmallow finch plush, side view
Marshmallow finch plush, side rear view
Marshmallow finch plush, back view
Marshmallow finch plush, bottom view
Marshmallow finch plush, face front view
Marshmallow finch plush, squished by hand

Thanks for reading!

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