Pokemon Amigurumi: Wurmple

Amigurumi Wurmple, side view

This week, I give you the Wurmple Amigurumi! My collection has been lacking some reds and pinks, so I’m fixing that with this guy.

I find that the three-stage worm pokemon are pretty cute, and this guy is no exception; I love how it has spikes, yet it looks so fluffy! A somewhat overlooked worm versus Caterpie and Weedle from the first gen – at least, I would say that if it weren’t for my recent google searches showing Pokemon Go.

First off, I drew a rough layout of the pieces I wanted to make for Wurmple; I came up with two halves of the body and a separate piece for the face/mouth. I added more material to the top half of the head, so that the face could be stitched on.

Concept drawing of the amigurumi wurmple

For the top side of the body, I tried out a new stitch pattern for added texture. I searched for a puffy stitch, and found that the Shell Puff Stitch was best suited for the fluffy-spike texture. The furrows really pop out the puffs! I also added some triangular edging to the bottom side of the piece.

example of the shell puff stitch
Amigurumi Wurmple, showing the back of the completed body piece

I know I shouldn’t think of it this way, but Wurmple looks like it has a butt-face. I recreated it using two semi-spheres stitched together, which was then stitched onto the top half of the body.

Amigurumi Wurmple, front view showing mouth stitched onto top body piece

Soon after, I made the belly section of the body. For the ribbed sections, I crocheted one row using only the back loop (instead of the front loop); I remember coming across this method several years ago, when I was still learning alternatives to knitting techniques.

Amigurumi Wurmple, side view of the completed body piece and face

At this point I needed to put on the eyes, because I was having a bit of trouble seeing this project’s potential to be completed. I didn’t have any cream-coloured yellow felt on hand, so I painted over a piece of off-white felt instead.

Amigurumi Wurmple, front view of face with partially painted eyes
Amigurumi Wurmple, side view of body with completed eye and legs attached

The rest of the details were mostly variations of cones, with some triangular edging wrapped around the tail spikes.

Amigurumi Wurmple, butt view showing partially completed tail spike details

Overall, this project was a nice exercise in using textured crochet stitches – here are the final results:

Amigurumi Wurmple, side view
Amigurumi Wurmple, side view #2
Amigurumi Wurmple, side view #3
Amigurumi Wurmple, side view #4
Amigurumi Wurmple, front view
Amigurumi Wurmple, front view with party hat
Amigurumi Wurmple, side view with party hat
Amigurumi Wurmple, side view with party hat #2

Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “Pokemon Amigurumi: Wurmple

  1. So I just love love love that wurmple do you have a pattern for it because I would love to do it😁


    1. Hey there! I’m glad you like the wurmple amigurumi! Currently, it’s still in a rough draft form, but I’ll keep in mind about converting this one πŸ™‚


    1. I don’t have a finished pattern for this one yet, but I’m thinking of converting this pattern from my book of rough drafts!


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