Pokemon Amigurumi: Deoxys

Amigurumi Deoxys, front view

This week’s plush is deoxys in attack form! I happened to have all the yarn in storage for this one.

When I think back to gen 3 pokemon, I remember not having a gameboy advance to play it. My only exposure to them at the time was through Pokemon Colosseum on Gamecube and serebii.com. I have flashbacks to when recess was how you got rumours about new pokemon; a classmate of mine told me about how crazy deoxys looked compared to mewtwo. A google search confirmed that it was pretty crazy to look at; it reminded me of a sea monkey, only that it was partially malformed.

Deoxys sprite from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire
The four forms of Deoxy: Attack, Normal, Defense, and Speed

Fast forward to the present, I have taken a liking to this pokemon – mostly its attack and speed forms. The spaghetti arms connect to a decidedly hourglass figure, down to some rather sexy-looking peg legs. The spike accessories were the main reason behind choosing the attack form.

Amigurumi Deoxys, showing pieces of the legs and body
With these parts, you’ve practically made half of this pokemon.

Knowing the shape of each part helped get this project moving – it could have been a start to a shapely figure if it weren’t so orange and blue. Most of the pieces were made up of cones and modified spheres; the hourglass shape came about by increasing on 2 quarters of the round, and leaving the alternating 2 quarters unchanged.

Amigurumi Deoxys, front view of all base body parts

I didn’t realize how infrequently I see the back of this pokemon, until I started making more details. For years I didn’t know that the attack form had a spike tail, or even 3 blue dots with an orange back panel. I thought it was a true humanoid shape, butt and all; I wonder why this form is the only one with a tail?

Amigurumi Deoxys, back view

With all the details in place, here are the final results:

Amigurumi Deoxys, front view
Amigurumi Deoxys, front view from below
Amigurumi Deoxys, side view
Amigurumi Deoxys, alternate side view
Amigurumi Deoxys, front view from top
Amigurumi Deoxys, back view
Amigurumi Deoxys, alternate back view
Amigurumi Deoxys, front view

Thanks for reading! Coincidentally, this is like a belated tribute to the Area 51 raid from last Sunday.

P.s. you may have noticed that I toggled around with the sidebar – I have added some commission slots in the shop section, if anyone is interested!