Pokemon Amigurumi: Meowth

Amigurumi Meowth on coins
Amigurumi Meowth on coins, side view
Amigurumi Meowth concept art

This week’s amigurumi features Meowth, a classic member of Team Rocket! I feel like Meowth’s design compliments the amigurumi style – the pokemon also looks good with coins too!

Materials and Tools

  • Size 5 or F crochet hook
  • Beige, yellow, brown, pink, and black yarn
  • White felt
  • Black fabric paint


The first section I start with generally will always be the head and body – just like the Zubat, I made the head attached to the body as a singular piece.

Amigurumi Meowth body part

Once the main section is made, I like to focus on the features attached to the head before making the limbs. I made the ears by making the back section first, the inner ear sections, and then I crocheted them together using the black yarn. The slight difference in size allowed the black edge to stick towards the front, I think.

Amigurumi Meowth ear sections
Amigurumi Meowth ears, crocheted together with black yarn

I made a bunch of folded single-row pieces for the whiskers; the coin was made out of a small oval and black yarn outlining.

Amigurumi Meowth whisker pieces
Amigurumi Meowth forehead coin piece

For the feet, I kept having to remake them to get the size right; I resized and attempted to make the piece twice before finally using my initial guess of 12 single crochets in a round. The arms, however, were correctly proportioned from the first attempt.

Amigurumi Meowth arm and leg pieces

The colours were changed, using the Needle Noodles method of doing half a single crochet in one colour and pulling it through with the new colour. To make it even smoother, I went over the transition with more yarn; I think it turned out even smoother than the method alone, you can see it in the picture below.

Amigurumi Meowth foot piece, showing colour transition

To form the heel, I like using a combination of double crochets and single crochets, while decreasing a total of 6 crochets along the round. The bottom half was completed in double crochets, while the top used single crochets.

Amigurumi Meowth foot piece

When I decreased on the top half, I crocheted on the outside – I’m not sure if there’s an official term for “crocheting on top of completed crochets from the side”. It gives the foot a discernible fold before reaching the leg.

Amigurumi Meowth foot piece, with crochet hook going into the outer side part of the completed crochets
Amigurumi Meowth foot piece, showing result of crocheting top section on top of the existing crochet sides

Finally I work on the facial features – this is usually my favourite part to do, because it marks the completion of my plush! The eyes go on first, by cutting out shapes with white felt, and roughly stitching them on the face. I also roughly outlined the mouth with thread and the pupils with a pen, plus I added some really tiny felt pieces to make the fangs.

Amigurumi Meowth eyes are roughly stitched into place on the face

(Kind of looks like Meowth forgot to wear makeup in this stage).

Everything got secured into place with several overhand stitches, and the pupils were painted in with the fabric paint.

Amigurumi Meowth eyes are stitched into place on the face, using several overhand stitches

Here are the final results:

Amigurumi Meowth, front view
Amigurumi Meowth, side view
Amigurumi Meowth, back view
Amigurumi Meowth, top view
Amigurumi Meowth, alternate front view

Thanks for reading!

If you’d like to see a certain pokemon, feel free to comment below! They are a fun exercise to complete.