From the Old Toybox: The Seasonal Foxes

Sedge the summer seasonal fox amigurumi
Morelle the autumn fox amigurumi
Shiver the winter fox amigurumi
Lush the spring fox amigurumi

This week I finally completed my series of Seasonal Foxes! The first one (Sedge) was made back in 2012, with the next two (Morelle and Shiver) made within the following 4 years. I call the latest one Lush.

The first fox, Sedge, was based off of a kitsune casting an illusion to disguise itself – usually this is depicted with a fox putting a leaf on its head.

traditional Japanese artwork of a kitsune
Specifically this image made me want to make the foxes
Sedge the summer fox, with a short cloak of leaves

Originally, I wanted to make the whole body shrouded in leaves, but I ended up making a mini cape instead. It was probably for the best, because I wouldn’t have been able to see the body with a full shroud.

Once I made Sedge, I felt like it could belong to a series of foxes. Eventually I came up with the four seasons as a theme; the fall was represented with a larger leaf cloak on Morelle, while winter (Shiver) was depicted with bare twigs sticking out of the snow.

Morelle and Sedge back view, showing leaf cloaks
Shiver the winter fox, showing bare twigs on the back

I found that designing a spring version was more difficult than I expected. I didn’t want spring to be depicted with just flowers, because the other seasonal foxes were tied to either tree leaves or tree branches. I left the spring theme alone for a few more years, until just a couple weeks ago.

I eventually came up with a brown soil – like base and some blooming branches. The wreath of flowers and leaves sort of came in naturally after adding on the branches in the design. I used my old pattern zine to recreate the base, where funnily enough, I rediscovered some of my favourite crochet techniques. I also did not follow using the correct hook size, making this fox smaller than the others.

I had a lot of fun making the flowers and leaves for Lush – on the branches, I made tiny flowers by chaining two crochets and then crocheting about five single crochets into the one available chain. I love how from afar the tiny flowers look like lumps, but then up close, they seem to have a petal-like appearance.

Lush the spring fox, showing tiny flowers on the branches

I applied a similar concept for the larger light pink flowers – I chained about eight crochets and alternated between single crochets, half-double crochets, and double crochets. The piece naturally curled up to form a rose-like shape. The darker pink flowers were made with chaining four crochets and single crocheting three crochets, followed with repetition of the pattern at least 5 times to form the petals.

Flower wreath necklace for Lush the spring fox

After fastening the flowers together, more details were added to make a wreath. A lot of end yarn pieces were tucked away at the back, so that they could be stitched into the wreath with more green yarn.

Back of flower wreath necklace, for Lush the spring fox

Again, I didn’t realize how much time it took to make all the details! Overall, this fox looks pretty simple, but each small detail takes at least a few minutes to complete; about 40 separate pieces make up the wreath and the branches, which explains why it took about 6 hours to complete. I guess I have forgotten how much free time I used to have when I was a university student.

Here’s the final result:

Lush the spring fox amigurumi, front view
Lush the spring fox amigurumi, side view
Lush the spring fox amigurumi, back view
Lush the spring fox amigurumi, close up view

So there I have it, all four seasonal foxes completed! It was a vision I had back in 2012, and I have finally finished it after 7 years. Thanks for reading!

All four seasonal foxes, seen from the top down
All four seasonal foxes, seen from the front