Pokemon Amigurumi: Luxio

Amigurumi Luxio, front view
Amigurumi Luxio concept

Here’s the plush for the week: Luxio! Versus Dunsparce, It was a 2:1 vote result on my instagram story last week. I might cast another poll for next week’s plush.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from making amigurumi, it is that details will always bring the base pieces together. Starting off with the head, the two-toned sphere didn’t seem like it was going to be big enough for the face. I added the peak on top of the sphere and suddenly it felt like it could work.

Amigurumi Luxio, head base

Usually I wait near the end for the details, but this time, I decided to complete the details before assembling any other parts. I stitched on the eyes and mouth; the nose was originally going to be done with yarn, but the yarn was too thick to make it into the right shape. I found some thread that matched the colour of the yarn to stitch onto the face.

Amigurumi Luxio, with felt eyes stitched into place
Amigurumi Luxio, with felt eyes, nose and mouth stitched into place

For the hair spikes, I used a combination of single crochets and double crochets and crocheted essentially a long, lopsided cone; this is my usual go-to technique when it comes to shaping a piece into different directions. I pinched the pieces vertically at the tip and horizontally near the base, to attach onto the head.

Amigurumi Luxio, hair spike piece

The ears are made from flattened spheres; I like how the flattened 3D shapes give the pieces an extra sturdiness to them. The inner ears are regular rounds stitched on top.

Amigurumi Luxio, with face details stitched into place

I was surprised that the front legs needed finer stripes than what colour changing or single chains could provide; I stitched some yellow yarn directly onto the legs. I thought I could get away with changing colours within the piece, but it made the legs too tall, while the chained stripes didn’t leave a big enough gap between each other.

Amigurumi Luxio, with stripes being stitched onto the front legs

The butt spikes and tail star were single layered flat pieces; I added more stitches around the tail star border to keep it more flat. Here is the result with all the details put together:

Amigurumi Luxio, front view
Amigurumi Luxio, head-on front view
Amigurumi Luxio, side view
Amigurumi Luxio, back view
Amigurumi Luxio, close up side view

Thanks for reading! You can check out my instagram to vote on the next pokemon plush!