Pokemon Amigurumi: Dewott

Amigurumi Dewott, front view

Here’s another closely-voted plush for the week: Dewott! I seem to have a nack for selecting pokemon that are relatively equal in popularity; it was another 1-point difference against Croconaw.

I noticed that my amigurumi have gotten bigger overall; reshiram is a lot bigger than ho-oh, and quilava is bigger than hitmontop. Maybe for the ones I really like, I subconsciously make bigger?

Amigurumi collection made in 2019

I also had a macdonalds toy of dewott, with the shells being wielded. Since getting the toy back in 2012, it seems like they are just ok in quality; I still like them though.

Another thing I noticed is that I’ve been making a lot of blue pokemon – I need to get into more reds, pinks, yellows, and greens! Next time I’ll see if I can break this streak, but a good amount of pokemon are blue.

Dewott happy meal toy from macdonalds
I feel like I see these colours almost every week

I had to get the face on as soon as possible, to stay motivated with this design. It kept reminding me of a blue onion, and then it made me think of the pokemon timburr. I feel like these pokemon share the same body plan. Once the eyes were painted in and the whiskers were ready, I felt like I was moving in the right direction.

Amigurumi Dewott, front view of nose stitched onto head
Also, the nose was stitched with thread; it looks pretty weird at this point
Amigurumi Dewott, front view with facial features on head
Suddenly, it feels like it can be made

I’ve been using the chaining and round-making technique, to make a piece with smaller pieces formed at the end. The method helped minimize the amount of stitching that needed to be done, so I tried using it for making the arms and pants. The arms turned out great, making the perfect stubby fingers on each arm; the pants were not as successful at using the same technique.

Of course, I had to scrap it, because it poofed out in weird places; it seems that I have better control making the shapes from top-down, rather then from the bottom and upwards. You can see the difference between the two pants – more shape and evenness throughout the one going top-down.

Amigurumi Dewott, front view with no pants on
Dewott, sans pants
Amigurumi Dewott, comparison between pant no. 1 and pant no. 2
Pant no. 1 (top) and pant no. 2 (below)
Amigurumi Dewott, front view with pants on
Pants acquired

A lot of my stuff still relies on sewing to finish off a shape – the feet and shells had detail added on, using the knitter’s needle and some grey yarn. I wonder if I’ll ever make something that practically shapes itself in the end, because it’s very convenient to shape the piece afterwards if it isn’t perfect right away.

Here are the results from putting all the pieces together:

Amigurumi Dewott, front view
Amigurumi Dewott, front view from face-on
Amigurumi Dewott, side view
Amigurumi Dewott, back view
Amigurumi Dewott, alternate side view
Amigurumi Dewott, front view comparison between plush and macdonalds toy

Thanks for reading!

P.s. I am working on the mini gyarados pattern; I was wondering if anyone had a preference as to which ones get transcribed first? Feel free to comment below, or dm me on Instagram.

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