Pokemon Amigurumi: Yamask

Amigurumi Yamask, front view

Starting off my October-themed amigurumi (aside from emolga) is yamask! I love this sad ghostie.

I find this pokemon interesting, in that it’s supposed to be the soul of a person who remembers their past. Somehow, I find it adorably sad that it looks at its mask and cries; it also doesn’t help that it has a bird-like shape, which automatically makes it look cuter to me.

This was such a quick one to make that it actually took longer to consider where I would take pictures of it (eventually, I found that the basement was a good setting). I’ve gotten the hang of using the uneven increase increments to form peaks at an angle – you can see the method in the main body. I also skipped several stitches to achieve the beak on the face.

Amigurumi Yamask, showing main body part

Naturally, I forget that the pokemon had a separate tail nub; I kept thinking that the tail was the part that holds the mask. Now that I’ve noticed that they are separate parts, I’m not sure what the mask-holding appendage is analogous to.

Amigurumi Yamask, showing all pieces of the body

Forming the rest of the pieces was pretty straightforward; the most time that I spent on this project was on the embroidering and the shaping of the pieces. For the arms, the fingers were kept in a bent position by loosely stitching the underside of the bend and pulling it tight – this is the same method used for the mask-holder limb. I angled the arms so that the fingers faces towards the front; the official art makes it seem like the fingers are bending way backwards, but I think it makes more sense if it is interpreted as palms facing upwards.

Amigurumi Yamask, showing the shaping of the fingers
Amigurumi Yamask, front view
The angle is pretty subtle though
Official art of Yamask

Finally, the mask part of Yamask was embroidered onto a semi-spherical piece. I drafted the face with a single line of thread and found it wasn’t quite right; luckily with the single line of thread, I could stretch it to suit the face shapes better.

Amigurumi Yamask, front view of the mask being embroidered
Amigurumi Yamask, front view of the embroidered mask
much better

Here are the final results:

Amigurumi Yamask, front view
Amigurumi Yamask, alternate front view
Amigurumi Yamask, back view
Amigurumi Yamask, front view with arms holding mask
Amigurumi Yamask, front view from below, with arms holding mask
Amigurumi Yamask, front view from head on

Thanks for reading!

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