Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to say happy Thanksgiving from Canada! I’ve got my relatives from Minneapolis visiting us for the week, so this week’s plush is currently at this stage:

Amigurumi Lycanroc, showing head piece assembled

It’s got a ways to go, but we’ll see when it gets completed. I might even overlap this one with the next vote that I’m planning to hold for next week’s plush.

Another thing, my mind has been occupied with owning a pet bird again; I had two budgies about 10 years ago, and I feel ready to have a new bird friend. I’m doing a lot more research and I’m geared up to go to a bird show next weekend for some advice.

The main contenders are green cheek conures and peach-faced lovebirds, followed by lineolated parakeets, java finches, and zebra finches. I thought I could hold out until I had my own place to live in, but maybe I can wait a bit longer with a bird friend.

Anyways, this past weekend was busy and the next week will be busy, ending off with a bird show. I’ll be posting a vote on my instagram tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!