Some Updates and W.I.P.s (09.10.20)

A brown squirrel on its hind legs, as if begging for food; it is very close to the photographer.

Hey Everyone, hope you are all doing well as of late! I noticed there has been a lot more traffic coming through to this blog, so I thought I would make a post about my latest ideas-in-progress.

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WIP: Amigurumi and Textile Plush – Concepts

Lately I’ve been challenging myself to come up with several new ideas to make for the year.

According to my sister, my favourite things to put on a plush are fur, spikes, claws, and wings – most of that is true. I grew up watching pokemon and digimon, so I’d say there’s a heavy influence. I also like mural art, like this bit I found in an ikea:

A picture of a light teal dragon, taken from a wall in an IKEA store.

Here’s a few ideas I had in mind.

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