WIP: Amigurumi and Textile Plush – Concepts

Lately I’ve been challenging myself to come up with several new ideas to make for the year.

According to my sister, my favourite things to put on a plush are fur, spikes, claws, and wings – most of that is true. I grew up watching pokemon and digimon, so I’d say there’s a heavy influence. I also like mural art, like this bit I found in an ikea:

A picture of a light teal dragon, taken from a wall in an IKEA store.

Here’s a few ideas I had in mind.

Zip dragon

A concept sketch of a zipper-themed dragon. The stomach has a giant zipper and the forehead has a zipper.

This one started off looking like a rabbit-armadillo, and ended up looking like a dragon. Somewhere in between it looked like it could have been from digimon, but maybe it still does?

Concept sketches, depicting earlier versions of the zipper dragon. One looks like a rabbit-cat with a jewel on the forehead and long fur on its back.

All I could think of was fur and spikes in this design; the interdimensional forehead zipper came when the gem and horn felt too familiar. I wanted to give the creature some extra wing on its eyes, because there’s something about implied makeup design elements that appeal to me.

Concept sketches, depicting earlier versions of the zipper dragon. These sketches resemble the final version.

I’m planning to make this design out of fabric, so that I can use some faux fur bits that I’ve been hoarding.


Concept sketches of a gem-themed deer character. The antlers are staurolites, the neck has some crystals, and the tail is a cut gem. The eyes also have gem irises.

For years I’ve been wanting to make a deer-like plush, possibly ever since I’ve watched Bambi (a really long time ago). Also, in A Goofy Movie, there’s a scene where a toddler gets a Bambi plush, and that may have intensified the desire for one:

A scene from A Goofy Movie, where Goofy is offering a Bambi plush toy to a toddler.

This design didn’t change much from the beginning to the current one. I want to make it into an amigurumi; I also think it would be neat to try some resin casting to make the gem parts.

Concept sketches, depicting earlier versions of the Gem deer. They look fairly similar to the final result.
Concept sketches, depicting rotated angles of the Gem deer.

Scyther amigurumi

If I’m feeling really ambitious this year, I could make a poke doll styled scyther; you can see how I was gradually squishing the design:

Concept sketches of a scyther; the design has been squished to create an SD version.

I bought some green yarn many years ago, thinking I was going to make a bunch of green pokemon; hopefully I’ll get to them this year!