Original Plush: Burnt Bird

Burnt bird plush, side view

This week, I am excited to reveal my burnt bird plush! These were made in collaboration with my long time friend, Jackie. The other half of the collaboration can be found on her Instagram, jackiedrinkscoffee.

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WIP: Amigurumi and Textile Plush – Concepts

Lately I’ve been challenging myself to come up with several new ideas to make for the year.

According to my sister, my favourite things to put on a plush are fur, spikes, claws, and wings – most of that is true. I grew up watching pokemon and digimon, so I’d say there’s a heavy influence. I also like mural art, like this bit I found in an ikea:

A picture of a light teal dragon, taken from a wall in an IKEA store.

Here’s a few ideas I had in mind.

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