Original Plush: Burnt Bird

Burnt bird plush, side view

This week, I am excited to reveal my burnt bird plush! These were made in collaboration with my long time friend, Jackie. The other half of the collaboration can be found on her Instagram, jackiedrinkscoffee.

The burnt bird came about in a happy accident; I got my sister and my partner to help me make some birds out of sculpey, and when they were baked, they got burnt at the top. They also had a nice gradient effect, so I decided to paint eyes on them. Ever since, they’ve become my mascot.

Original Burnt Bird clay figure
Singed with ideas

In this collaboration, I made the patterns for the burnt bird and a cat in the loaf position, while the designs were printed by Jackie.

Somehow we got the project going, despite me being technologically-challenged in the artistic department. I made the patterns with my most familiar method: trial and error on paper.

Burnt bird plush, pattern concept
Not my first attempt
Space cat pattern concept
This one was easier to figure out
Burnt Bird and Space Cat prototype plush
Prototypes helped me think of an assembly strategy

It was good that we met up and agreed on sizing in imperial beforehand, because I ended up using the grid on my cutting mat for measurements; this was my first time using it like that! My friend was able to take the photos I sent her and use them to digitize into photoshop. Using her printmaking skills, she printed them out onto fabric.

Printed patterns of Burnt Bird, cut out for sewing

When we went to assemble, we were well coordinated; just as the pieces were fully cut out, I could sew them together and continue seamlessly. After about three and a half hours, as well as a day on my own, we got the cats and burnt birds completed!

Burnt bird plush, pieces ready for assembly

I forgot to take a bunch of pictures of the cats, but you can see them on my friend’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jackiedrinkscoffee/

Here is the final result of the burnt birds!

Burnt bird plush, side view
Burnt bird plush, alternate side view
Burnt bird plush,front view

Thanks for reading!

P.s. if you are going to anime north today, I’ll be dropping off a few at my friend’s booth!

Burnt bird plush, side view in packaging and without packaging

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