Pokemon Amigurumi: Ho-oh

Ho-oh amigurumi, front view from below
Ho-oh amigurumi, front view

This week’s plush comes in a bit late, but I think it was worth the extra time! With the weather finally warming up, I decided to make Ho-oh.

To be honest, this pokemon has been on my mind for several weeks; I have a few more that I keep thinking back to, but I it would be better to spread them out amongst other prompts. We’re almost at the half point of this year, if you can believe it.

Like most of my projects, it has a lot of detail that I didn’t push through until the weekend. I knew there was lots to do, but it still was left until the last minute; it may also have to do with the fact that I’m trying to get back into cycling after work.

For the head and body, I tried making a colourway for the neck and stomach, using this website:

Ho-oh amigurumi, front view of body section with colourway
Colourful bowling pin stage

Normally I would make each colour a separate piece, but with this technique, I like how it sits altogether. It’s unfortunate that some of the edges look a bit jagged, but maybe there’s another way to prevent this.

For the head, I tried making 4 pieces for the crest; however, the pieces ended up being too thick, so I used only 3 of them.

Ho-oh amigurumi pieces of the head feathers

Once I was at the feet stage, I left it as a featherless two-legged dodo until this past Saturday; the amount of detail can get pretty daunting and I wanted to make the feathers all in one go.

Ho-oh amigurumi, front view of body without wings and tail

Making the feathers felt like a project on its own; I made 6 large tail feathers, 6 smaller tail feathers, and 20 wing feathers. The red feathers were equivalent to 24 feather pieces.

Ho-oh amigurumi, large tail feathers
Ho-oh amigurumi, small tail feathers
Ho-oh amigurumi, wing tip feathers

First off, the tail feathers were made with a combination of flat triangular pieces on a chain, which were used as a base to make the rounds below it. Everytime I crochet into the side of a double crochet, it feels like I’m colouring in another direction.

Ho-oh amigurumi, assembly of tail feather

After changing colours and finishing the rounds section, I stitched the triangles together using the yarn ends. With enough pieces made, they were stitched together and mounted onto a separate half-sphere piece for reinforcement.

Ho-oh amigurumi, tail piece partially assembled
Butt crown, layer 1
Ho-oh amigurumi, back view of partially assembled tail piece
Ho-oh amigurumi, side view of completed tail piece
Full butt crown

After a break in between, I went for the wing feathers. First I make a chain, crochet one row, and then continue the row onto the other side of the chain to form a flattish round.

Three size groups were made for the feathers of each wing. Once they were all made, the pieces were combined into a single piece. Sandwiched between the red piece, the wings were finally completed; you can imagine that these each felt like separate creatures by the end of it.

Ho-oh amigurumi, full wing assembled
big beefy arm
Ho-oh amigurumi, both wings assembled

Overall, this amigurumi was a test of patience and perseverance. The result of such test:

Ho-oh amigurumi, front view from below
Ho-oh amigurumi, side view
Ho-oh amigurumi, front view from head-on
Ho-oh amigurumi, back view
Ho-oh amigurumi, alternate side view
Ho-oh amigurumi, lying on the floor

Thanks for reading! This week, I ask what your favourite grass starter line is.


8 thoughts on “Pokemon Amigurumi: Ho-oh

  1. Desperately looking for a Ho-oh pattern. Are you willing to share or sell this pattern? I can even test it for you and give you feedback. Its just I wanna make this for my nephew for christmas and it’ll take to long to start from scratch. Thank you!!


    1. Hi Sarah, this pattern is currently a section of notes in my notebook. I can let you know if I end up completing a proper pattern, but it may be by next month if I get around to it


      1. Hey Machbunny, this crochet is the best one I have seen for Ho-oh! Did you end up sharing it anywhere? I would love to make this, especially given all the free time we have now with the quarantine.


      2. Hi Roei, unfortunately I have not had the time to share this one, as it is still in rough chicken-scratch notes. Even in quarantine, I still have some work at home :/


      3. Thank you for the reply Machbunny! I will be waiting anxiously for the release of this pattern. Seriously this is the best one I have seen and won’t make anything else but this 😊


  2. I loved it, the pattern is not ready yet I am interested too much! I will be attentive to your answer ☺️ I hope you are ready to start it.
    greetings beautiful work. 🥰😉


    1. This pattern is definitely on my mind for making into a pattern, I need to fix it up nicely before I can distribute!


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