Some Updates and W.I.P.s (09.10.20)

A brown squirrel on its hind legs, as if begging for food; it is very close to the photographer.

Hey Everyone, hope you are all doing well as of late! I noticed there has been a lot more traffic coming through to this blog, so I thought I would make a post about my latest ideas-in-progress.

I am excited to see that there is even greater interest in my amigurumi patterns and work; I’ve always thought of my arts and crafts as outlets to exercise my creativity. As it stands, crocheting remains as a hobby among other hobbies that I like doing, when I am not working at my full-time job from 7am to 3pm. There’s never enough time in the day to get all my things done, but I intend to keep going at some capacity.

Currently, I have a bunch of projects in my queue for the next couple months:

A head shot of a plush toy that has a beige base tone, one light blue horn and two white horns on top of the head, with two ears, a pink fin on the cheek and a scowl with two fangs. The eyes are large and have a teal coloured iris, with a black slit pupil. Nose is black and situated at the tip of its snout.
I call them Bilhah
A picture of a base hoodie, sewn together at the arms and body sections.
Can you guess what this casual wear will be?
Picture of a sentro knitting machine, a white and pink plastic machine with 48 moving hooks within a large loop, a yarn feeder, and a crank handle to operate it.
Finally got around to testing out my knitting machine, for hats and such.

These projects, I have already made some progress on, but there are so many other ones I want to start in the near future! As usual, I’m hoping to get through them all within the year. We’ll see what actually makes it through before the end of 2020.

Finally, it crossed my mind that the most requested patterns are Gyarados and Ho-oh; I’ll probably start converting these ones into pdfs, but now I’m curious if there are any other patterns that people would like to see available?

2 thoughts on “Some Updates and W.I.P.s (09.10.20)

    1. Thanks, I’ll keep Lycanroc in mind! As for Brawl Stars, I haven’t heard of them before; I searched up Leon and he seems like a fun character. I’m not sure about making things that I’m not familiar with just yet.

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