Wearable Crochet: Pokemon Baby Hat and Blanket Sets (Eevee and Pikachu)

Eevee and Pikachu crocheted hat and blanket sets, featuring ears on the hats, and tails on the blankets.

I’ve got a bunch of projects lined up in progress, with more ideas waiting in queue afterwards. Today, I have completed making some baby blanket and hats for the newest family members, Kei and Kai!

There was a lot of freedom in the designs towards these sets; the main features having to include the ears and the back, leading to the tail. With Pikachu and Eevee as the two pokemon, most of my challenge came from making designs that balanced each other in the level of details.

I didn’t use a pattern for the hat base, other than the usual 6-increase crochet sphere and a sort-of ribbing technique for the bottom edge of the hats. With this sort of idea in mind, they make for some easy hats to decorate:

Work in progress photo of the eevee hat base, showing the crocheting ribbing in progress.
A completed pikachu base hat.
Completed pikachu and eevee hat bases, showing the rim and insides of the hats.

Decorating the hats was just as straightforward as the base itself; like most of my amigurumi, the ears were made in rounds, with colour change on the Pikachu ears, and added components onto the Eevee ears. I also added the red cheeks onto the Pikachu hat, and I added the three tufts onto the Eevee hat; I hope the details are in balance to each other!

Base components of the ears, for the eevee and pikachu hats.
Pictures of the completed eevee and pikachu hats, showing the ears attached with added details, three tufts of hair on the eevee hat, and red cheeks on the pikachu hat.

Following the hats were the blanket and tail portion of the set. As a blanket, I was thinking it would be more of an extra blanket to place on top of the swaddle, to show the details. I used the classic zig-zag afghan pattern to make the base, and thought up the colour changes for both blankets.

For the tails, there was more ad-libbing on making the shapes. The eevee tail was made up on rounds, with colour changes phasing the off-white yarn with the brown yarn. For the pikachu tail, it was building off of the same zig-zag pattern, except towards the end, I folded the portion in half and began crocheting the edges together. Somehow it worked out!

Completed blanket sets of the eevee and pikachu. Pikachu blanket features two brown stripes on a yellow and cream zig zag blanket and a zig zag tail. Eevee blanket features a brown and grey-brown striped zig zag blanket with off-white on one side and the tail on the opposite end.

Overall, this project was a nice ease back into making things again. There’s still a lot going on in the background of my life, but I think I’m starting to adjust to a new schedule.

Eevee and Pikachu crocheted hat and blanket sets, featuring ears on the hats, and tails on the blankets. Hats are positioned on top of the blankets.
Eevee hat and blanket set, showing the blanket fully opened.
Pikachu hat and blanket set, showing the blanket fully opened.

Thanks for reading!