Update 07.05.20

Hey Guys, it’s been a while since I’ve made an update from my last post. Today I am giving a briefing on what I’ve been thinking about. I also have an idea about motivating myself to digitize my crochet patterns.

Last month has been a real eye-opener about the ongoing anti-Black and anti-Indigenous racism that keeps happening in both the United States and Canada. I have been spending a lot of time learning about the history involving colonialism, slavery, genocide, and settlements in the Americas, which leads up to how the current status quo came to be in our society. With the amount of momentum this current Civic Rights movement has, It is important to keep it going to spark change in how we care for one another in our communities.

With that in mind, I have been thinking about how I crochet as a hobby – I don’t have the resources to make it into a living; however, I am privileged to live with my parents, to have a full-time position during COVID-19, access to affordable medicine, and to be able to access a Gender Affirming Health Clinic for my ongoing journey with my gender identity – all while having enough time to think about crocheting and other hobbies. To be able to think about hobbies without the stress of making end’s meet has me thinking about what I could do to help others that were not given enough opportunities to thrive, especially when the lack of opportunities are a result of an inherently racist system.

Moving onto the thought about distributing my patterns, I have been thinking about what I could offer – this is my current idea:

  • Donate to an Organization supporting Black or Indigenous folx
  • Send a receipt of the donation to confirm the amount donated
  • Depending on the amount donated, it would give you access to one of the patterns (I’ll probably make a tier based on the complexity of the piece)

Of course, my stumbling block has been to actually have the PDFs available for download, but I think this will help me move along with the process.

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