A Year in Review (12.31.2021/01.01.2022)

Bick, in cheers mode

Hey Everyone, I can’t believe another year has ended; it went by so fast, and not too many projects ended up getting completed. My consolation is that I can now take good close-ups of my bird.

The running theme of 2021 was one of several false and slow starts. A lot of focus went into preparing for ideas, instead of executing them; basically, I had been buying a ton of new tools, storage, and materials for ideas that have remained as concepts for now.

How many ideas did dabble into? Based on the tools & materials that I bought this year, I
had thought about:

  1. Beading & beadwork with some knotwork
  2. Writing programs in C #
  3. Molding and casting with casein plastic
  4. Vector designing for embroidery
  5. Paper mache
  6. D.I.Y firing for pottery and ceramics
  7. Using markers for illustrations,
  8. Fabricating with a vacuum form
  9. 3D Modelling printing, and doodling
  10. Carving & sculptures
A recent example of my many purchases

On top of the ideas, I had thought about, I was also keeping some other thoughts in mind that had to do with working at home, such as:

  1. Managing my workflow
  2. Managing fridge ingredients and leftovers
  3. Organizing my sleep – space
  4. Organizing my tools & supplies
  5. Managing shared spaces in the house
  6. Creating better methods for decision making, related to meal planning and people handling
  7. Finding resolve when I don’t meet my goals
I recently learned how to make some funnel cakes, out of the official recipe from Canada’s Wonderland
Also, leftover turkey pot pies, made entirely of ingredients that have been saved from going to waste

Needless to say, this year was really busy; I can’t say that things will get any less busy in the new year, but I’m always hoping to find opportunities anyways. Looking towards 2022, I continue to hope getting things crossed off of my list of ideas; i’m thinking that 6 new projects would be a goal to strive for. One key goal that I hope to achieve in 2022 is a sense of satisfaction for where I am, in the moment.

I have to admit, wanting to be consistent in the amount of content that I can share on this blog may have been counter-productive for me; putting more pressure on myself to update didn’t result in more posts. I am working on putting my expectations in a more realistic frame; I have to remind myself that completing five major tasks in a day is my realistic limit, with about four of the five major tasks being related to work & chores in the house. It doesn’t make sense to expect myself to have the time and energy to complete every project I can think of on the side, and that is okay. I also tend to have a lot of new ideas emerge out of nowhere, which tends to take up the last slot for daily major tasks.

Also, Bick reminds me to pay attention to him for at least 2 hours

Speaking of new ideas, I have been convinced that I need to get into growing some cannabis plants; it became legal in Canada to possess a couple or more plants for personal use, back on October 17, 2019. Now that I’ve heard of a couple stories of some non – smokers growing the plant for fun, I feel confident that I can try to grow some for myself. As a plush toy maker, it would be pretty sweet to source some fibres from my own garden; a quick search online has informed me that the stem fibres can be used for many applications, from fibreboards, to paper and texiles. Along with regular crops, I plan to grow them in a greenhouse enclosure.

Aside from preparing to delve into a million new hobbies and media, the new year looks to be a promising one; hopefully, I can check-in more often with this blog and show you things that I had been researching and compiling from the past several months.