Pokemon Amigurumi: Charmander

Amigurumi Charmander, front view

Happy holidays everyone! This week, I managed to pack in one plush while setting up the house for Christmas.

These past couple weeks continued to be full with cleaning, organizing, and clearing the house; I had to give my craft room cleaning a break, so that my sister and her fam could sleep over. The craft room promptly became a storage room as a result.

My craft room, converted into a temporary storage space.
This black fabric shelf keeps coming back to this room

In exchange for turning the craft room back into storage, I got the kitchen, family, and living room cleared, the tree set up, the guest room back into use, and the basement set up with the new giant tv and sound system. It was a lot of managing, especially with my parents!

The Living room, with pre-lit tree set up in the corner.

While the basement was being hooked up with sound, I had an opportunity to “supervise” my dad as he organized the wires; this was where I could make the charmander, which was a commission for @stef.lim.

The basement, with giant tv screen hooked up to sound system.

So, charmander is surprisingly not a favourite pokemon of mine – not one I dislike, but not really one I gravitate to. One thing I like, though, is the mouth! An open mouth was a key feature for me, so I was sure to include that. I have flashbacks to when I watched pokemon, where charmander used to set people on fire.

Screenshot of charmander and Ash from the anime.
Gif of Charmander using flamethrower on Team Rocket.

Since the layout of the head was from top to bottom, I could chain and skip portions of the previous round to achieve a slit for the mouth. Then, I tapered the bottom half rapidly, to make the jaw; I couldn’t continue the body from this point, because the hole was at a strange angle and situated closer to the chin area.

Amigurumi Charmander, front view of head piece.
Amigurumi Charmander, front view of head piece with mouth.
Amigurumi Charmander, front view of head piece with mouth and eyes stitched in place.
Amigurumi Charmander, front view of assembled head with partially painted eyes.

Luckily this guy was meant to be small in size; I went in with a big head and a pudgy body, saw how much yarn I had left, and made some stub arms, legs, and feet. If the limbs were any bigger, I probably wouldn’t have had enough yarn!

Amigurumi Charmander, showing body piece.
Remaining amount of orange yarn before making the limbs.
Amigurumi Charmander, showing pieces of the body and limbs.
The remaining yarn after all pieces were made.

The details were pretty small, matching the proportion to the tiny limbs. I made little toes and fangs by chaining 2 directly onto the pieces and crocheting one back on the chain. It makes a small triangle, which I use to stitch into smaller cones on the piece.

Amigurumi Charmander, with tooth being crocheted into place.
Dental work on Charmander, performed right where the lip and mouth meet.

The flame was essentially a cone on the top half, and a sphere on the bottom half, with a couple more direct chaining on the side. The yellow was stitched roughly into flame-like shapes. I wanted to try doing the combing method of flame, but I ran out of time; there will always be next time, I suppose.

Within the duration of supervising my dad (one full day), I had the final result:

Amigurumi Charmander, front view
Amigurumi Charmander, front view from the face
Amigurumi Charmander, side view pointing right
Amigurumi Charmander, back view
Amigurumi Charmander, side view pointing left
Amigurumi Charmander, front view looking from below

Thanks for reading! I’ll be continuing my house cleanup until the next year.


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  1. Do you only do commission’s? I have a amigurumi hobby and was looking for my next project and I found this site.


    1. Hi there, sorry about the delay in reply! Currently most of my projects have been designed by me, and I’m still hoping I can eventually get out a few of the popular designs as patterns.
      I have a special announcement coming this Saturday 🙂


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