More Updates (3.26.2020)

Two original brown sugar fresh milk bubble teas from Bubble Lee
If things open up again, I’ll be getting this more often.

Hey everyone, I thought I’d like to make an update about how things have been going in general. As usual, it’s about having a ton of plans and no time to do them all.

I know I am currently aiming for about 2 new projects per month, but I still feel like trying to keep up with a weekly post. I need to keep realistic though, because a ton more things are running in the background of my life this year and this was before COVID-19 became a thing. I’m hoping that I’ll have enough of last year’s drive to continue into 2020, but these first three months have really put a strain on the energy. For now, I am still working from home, but who knows for how long?

First off, I need to prepare my craft room to accommodate the new bird! The windows finally got replaced in January, but I haven’t cleaned the room since that time. I feel like this room always gets cramped up with stuff when we have guests, but maybe with the bird occupying the space, it won’t get as cluttered. Just look at this small bird, giving that baby smirk to the camera; he’s almost ready to come home:

Young pineapple turquoise conure, named Bick
Young pineapple turquoise conure, named Bick, leaning over
1 week later: He’s almost ready to come home!

Another new thing that I’ve gotten is a bass guitar, which will require discipline to acquire any sort of proficiency on. It also means creating a schedule to commit to, along with the many other commitments that I have agreed to do outside of my work hours. I’m going to find the time to do them all, I swear!

Yamaha TRBX174 BL 4-String Electric Bass Guitar, in black
Behold, the Yamaha TRBX174 BL 4-String Electric Bass Guitar, tuned approximately once since it was bought.

Speaking of last year, there was a time where I managed to do 15 minutes of exercise for at least 3 days per week – then I got a new nephew last September and my groove was thrown off since then. Somehow, I’d like to get back onto this routine and possibly even build up more than what I did previously – I wanna see some muscle mass this year! I want to be able to pull myself up with the pull-up bar I bought a while back.

The butt of a turtle sticks out of the pond drainage passage
Here’s an unrelated pic of the first turtle I saw this year.

On top of the three things I mentioned earlier, I have intentions to finally add crochet patterns onto this page. I also am thinking about posting a set price list for commissions, should anyone decide to ask me about ordering something from scratch. So far, I am still trying to work out the following:

For Crochet Patterns:

  • I have a couple drafts and rough notes kept in a notebook, but I need to digitize them into a word format document; I found some apps that could speed up the process, but they are not free apps
  • I have managed to get one pattern successfully tested, but I haven’t gotten around to editing – this one I could probably launch soon, I just don’t seem to have the time scheduled for it
  • For future patterns, I can directly transcribe them into a digital format – I need to see what to do about getting one of these patterns tested; maybe I’ll need to set up a list of testers who are willing to make some of these?

For Commissions:

  • Biggest thing has got to be the pricing of my plush projects – again, the logistics take time to figure out
  • Another thing is general interest – I haven’t gauged how great of an interest there is for commissioned work, as opposed to showing personal projects
  • Also to consider are prices for some of my old completed projects

For Other Items:

  • I am wondering about platforms like Kofi – what is the general opinion on this one?

A lot of these things take a while to think about, especially with having a regular day-job that hasn’t stopped yet. I’d like to hear what other people’s opinions are on these subjects, to see where I should focus first. For now, I’m going to continue juggling as many things as I can this year, wish me luck!