Crochet doodles: Japanese snow rabbit

Five mini amigurumi japanese styled snow rabbits. They appear to look like crochet renditions of rabbits made out of a ball of snow, with two leaf ears and two red berry eyes.

Hey everyone, lately I have been rediscovering the joys of crocheting tiny amigurumi! I’ve been calling them my crochet doodles, and these are doodles of the Japanese snow rabbit motif.

Many years ago, I had bought myself some crochet thread so that I could try out a small hook size; I had been inspired by the mini sweaters that were made for Coraline, which were knitted embroidery thread with toothpicks. Back then, I didn’t get the look that I wanted and put the materials aside; fast forward to now, and I got the idea again to try out the crochet thread.

A clip of Coraline's blue sweater with stars; picture is cropped to focus on the small details of the hand-knitted sweater.
This sweater actively invites me to partake in the miniature fandom, every time I see it.
A picture of the string of beads, next to the crochet hook for scale. Beads are 3mm in size and are red in colour.

This time, I decided to incorporate other small components into the project: beads. It was apparent that I have gained a lot more techniques since I had last touched the thread; take a look at how tiny the magic ring looks, with size 10 crochet thread and a 1.25 mm hook:

A close-up picture of the magic ring stitch, made out of size 10 crochet thread and a 1.25mm crochet hook. The size of the ring is smaller than the person's thumb.

After making the egg – shaped body, I tested out the beads that I found in my room; I kept thinking that crochet thread was small enough to pull through the bead, but it definitely wasn’t. The next time around, I bought some small round beads (3mm). I knew that the crochet thread was going to be too big, so I went ahead and used regular thread & needle; surprisingly, the needle itself was too big and broke the bead as a result. Even with a smaller needle, I could only pass through it twice while I was attaching them onto the body.

A crocheted white oval, made out of the crochet thread; it is about the size of a robin's egg.
Could also be the start of a small sushi amigurumi….
A completed snow bunny, made out of one white oval, two green leaf bits, and two red glass beads. It is facing forward.
Picture shows a needle with a small red bead passing through it halfway.
Not even a standard sewing needle was small enough to pass through; I thought I could push it through, but…
A picture of one small bead, which has broken in half from the sewing needle being too big. RIP, small bead.
This happened…
Picture of the crocheted white oval, with two red beads attached as eyes.
After a couple tries, the eyes were finally attached on!

Between the original glass beads and the 3mm stone beads, the eyes look a lot more uniform for the 3 mm beads. The ears were no problem at all; I had a green crochet thread and made ears with a single – row piece. The results have been adorable, and they encourage me to explore the concept even further.

A comparison of two crocheted snow bunnies. One has stone bead eyes that are uniformly round, while the other one has glass beads with flattened ends.
Definitely worth the $3.50 upgrade!
A completed snow bunny, made out of one white oval, two green leaf bits, and two red glass beads. It is facing forward to the left.
A completed snow bunny, made out of one white oval, two green leaf bits, and two red glass beads. It is facing forward to the right.
A completed set of five snow bunnies, made out of one white oval, two green leaf bits, and two red glass beads. They are facing forward, forming a semi-circle.
An image of the snow rabbit motif, decorated onto a Japanese tea cup.
These snow rabbits continue to stand against the test of time.

What sort of things would I like to try designing with crochet thread? Generally, the focus would be around mini – amigurumi; lately, I have been wanting to design a bunch of plush, based off of old folk-style toys from China and Japan. Actually, it’s an ongoing theme of mine, to keep making folk – like art. With crochet being an old technique in itself, it lends well to bold shapes and colours; the thought of making small fish and burnt birds come to mind. I love how they express the features of each animal and figure, while combining abstract patterns and florals into the spaces where there are no distinct traits. I also really like the use of the natural materials, giving them a sense of organic flow. I could go on forever about folk art; you can probably see the resemblance in my projects too:

An image of several traditional Japanese toys; most consist of bright colours and bold patterns contrasting the base colours. Designs are based off of animals and people.
An image of a grass-woven Grasshopper toy, from China.
An image of several Chinese cloth tiger toys. The designs are brightly coloured with bold markings and floral motifs.

I’ve also thought about making garlands with crochet thread, but I would have to learn a lot more about lace designs. I am excited to make use of beads, and maybe, I would also try to incorporate some paper mâché. I feel like revisiting a lot of classic craft media, especially with the continuation of our lock-down in Ontario. Thanks for reading!


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