Updates for 04.06.2022

Image of the right hand, with a black wrist brace wrapped around the hand.

Hey Everyone, it has been a while since I last posted on this blog; long story short, my wrist had developed tendonitis, which has basically put my crochet activities to a stop until further notice.

From around the beginning of March, I had “suddenly” developed a pain in my wrist; I say “suddenly”, because the onset felt that way, but it was likely caused by repetitive strain. It appeared after writing a lot of notes one late night, and since then I get that “clicking” sensation right under the base of my thumb. It feels like an uncomfortable plucking when the tendon glides over the wrist joints.

I thought it would get better within the past 11 weeks or so, but it’s hard to keep the wrist fully resting when you have to continue working with it. The first 4 weeks, I wore a wrist brace in the night time only; then, for the last 7 weeks, it has been on at all times. I also went to my doctor to check on it, and I got the same advice for resting it; if anything else, I could use some over-the-counter treatments.

Image of the back of the right hand, with fingers spread out. The wrist brace tan line begins halfway from the back of the palm, towards the base of the thumb, and approximately half of the forearm.
The brace has been on long enough to produce a tan line.

As I am writing this post, there are some signs of recovery that are gradually appearing over time; since it had affected my right hand, you can imagine how much standstill it actually gets for rest everyday. For each week that it stays in the splint, it does feel like I could move my thumb without aggravating it; that is, until I actually try to do something substantial with my right hand again, and then get reminded to rest it some more. Needless to say, intense wrist movements like crocheting will have to come much later after recovery.

Besides the wrist pain, I have been thinking about heading into a new career path for work; now that I know that my capacity to work with my hands could deteriorate at any time, I would like to find work that will allow me the time to use my skills while I still can. Putting things into perspective, I am grateful to be able to consider more options without a huge fear of jeapordizing my current living situation; I almost feel like I owe it to myself to use this opportunity, because I have it.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to update a bit sooner about what I end up doing; for now, I am resting my hand and thinking about exploring more ideas.

A small parrot is standing atop of a stack of notebooks on a desk, and is looking at the camera with their left side of the face.
Also, Bick is keeping me company.

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