Pokemon amigurumi: Archen

Archen Amigurumi, front view

This week’s plush is Archen! I was making it while I travelled to Tobomory last week and as usual, it got pretty busy. I also brought a couple pokemon on the trip.

First, we took a look at the farmers market in Owen Sound. I ended up buying quite a few goodies and we ended up chatting with the potter, who made his own glazes! He does a cone 8 fire with porcelain, making these neat bubbling effects. He also gave away his seconds, so I took a super drippy cup along with some purchased bowls. I am such a sucker for goodies.

Handmade mug, bought in Owen Sound Farmer's Market
An imperfect mug, apparently

We hiked up on the Bruce peninsula trail, and found some nice rocky shore. A lot of photos were taken here; I brought out gyarados for a picture. One of the seagulls was intrigued and wondered if it was edible.

Bruce peninsula trail, rocky shore
Gyarados amigurumi, at Bruce Peninsula
Seagull interested in Gyarados, at Bruce Peninsula
“Nice fish you got there”

There were some neat crevices and grottos; zubat and natu fit in nicely in the rock formation.

Zubat amigurumi at Bruce Peninsula
Natu Amigurumi at Bruce Peninsula

I went and climbed down to the large grotto; there was a small area I could squeeze in that lead towards the entrance. I was trying to get closer to the cave pigeons, and I succeeded.

The Grotto at Bruce Peninsula
Cave pigeon at the grotto
Close up of cave pigeon at the grotto
Sup, cave pigeon
At the entrance of the grotto cove

After trekking back from the cave, we went for all you can eat fish n chips. The servers were quite entertaining, and the fish was plentiful. I bought a shirt from them; they screen printed it themselves!

All you can eat fish n chips at Shipwreck Lee's in Tobomory
Completion of chips not required for fish refills!
Shipwreck Lee's limited edition tshirt in white
Shipwreck Lee's limited edition tshirt in pink
Burnt Bird drawn on the restaurant owner's shirt at Shipwreck Lee's
Burnt bird was here

The next day, we went to Inglis falls, which was nearer to Owen Sound. We took the trail way towards the falls, and then we walked back down to the park using the road. After that hike, we made our way back home, ready to sleep.

Inglis Falls, full view
Ho-oh amigurumi at Inglis Falls
Several cows along the road back from Tobomory
Goodbye, cows

The whole trip I was at about the same level of progress with Archen; I made the head, body, feet, and attached them together. It traveled around Tobomory, in this form and in my backpack.

Archen amigurumi WIP

Sometime during the trip I made the wings, using the same sort of technique that I used on Ho-oh. I also added the neck ruffles at this point too.

Archen amigurumi WIP, wing pieces

During the week, I touched on more details, like the leg ruffles. They look like cute frills off a pair of bloomers, or like those frilly socks that I used to have as a kid.

Archen amigurumi WIP, showing leg ruffle vs without leg ruffle

I tried yet another quasi-technique where I crocheted a row off a chain of 6, then formed a round with the last 3 crochets off the row. It turned out ok, but I think there might be a cleaner way to transition between a cone to a really thin point.

Archen amigurumi WIP at Starbucks

Finally, after several day’s worth of delay, I have the final result:

Archen amigurumi, front view
Archen amigurumi, side view
Archen amigurumi, other side view
Archen amigurumi, back view
Archen amigurumi, alternate back view
Archen amigurumi, front view from above

Thanks for reading! I’ll be busy again this long weekend, for Canada day.


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