From the Old Toybox: Victini Amigurumi

Amigurumi Victini, front view
Old Amigurumi Victini, front view

For this week’s plush, I have decided to revisit a pokemon I made back in 2011: Victini! This has got to be one of my most favourite tiny legendaries.

When Pokemon Black and White came out for the DS, the pokemon were still sprites; it was neat to see them be continuously animated during battle! When they revealed Victini in a giveaway event, the design reminded me of my old creature doodles; the butt wings definitely resonated with my inner grade 6 – 8 me. I had to make this guy within the few months that the game came out, which resulted in my first version.

I thought I still had my older version, but then I remembered that I gave a few of my amigurumi away during the winter holidays last year to a couple of my younger cousins. At least I still have a photo for comparison.

Even though it looks so simple, the minor bump in those ears seem to make or break the look. I had sort of gotten it down in my previous attempt, but I wasn’t too satisfied with the result. It needed more height or something.

Old Amigurumi Victini, front view
I was convinced that the bottom of the ears came to a wider edge, like a pyramid

This time around, I have a victini figurine to use as a reference! I see now that the ears are not directly aligned with its spherical head. There is also no wide base for the entire ear piece; I stitched the bottom sides all in one line. It kind of reminds me of a flattened piece of ackee.

Victini Tomy figurine
Amigurumi Victini, ear pieces stitched together
Base of the ears are actually in line with each other!
Amigurumi Victini, bottom view of ear pieces
Ackee fruit example

I also noticed that I liked making really small details as one-sided pieces 8 years ago; I made the butt-wings, the hands, and feet this way. Now I barely allow myself to use a single piece, unless it is a part of a petal or leaf. I seem to take more time to complete the details now, whereas before, I was racing to get it done. I didn’t even stitch around the eyes, or paint the details so strongly onto the felt; it seems like I wasn’t too happy with it during mid-production back then.

Old Amigurumi Victini, showing old pieces
1-layer pieces leave me feeling incomplete…
Amigurumi Victini, showing pieces of the body
Old Amigurumi Victini, front view of face
Woah; also, teeth
Amigurumi Victini, front view of face

Looking back 8 years ago has made me realize that I did improve significantly since then. I thought I had been good enough at that time, and by remaking Victini, I see that I can move on to be even better. My patience has improved, allowing me to keep putting more consistent effort into the little details. I hope to improve even more!

Here are the results of remaking Victini:

Amigurumi Victini, front view
Amigurumi Victini, alternate front view
Amigurumi Victini, alternate front view
Amigurumi Victini, side view
Amigurumi Victini, alternate side view
Amigurumi Victini, back view
Amigurumi Victini, front view

Thanks for reading! I am holding a vote on my instagram to see what fire starter to make for next weekend.