Pokemon Amigurumi: Quilava

Quilava Amigurumi, front view from top down

Following the vote on Instagram, it was another close match between Braixen and Quilava; in the end, this week’s plush became Quilava.

This is another pokemon where I have a figurine version to work off of; this time it is one of those inject-molded plastic models. The flames are also removable, making it easier to focus on the shape of the body.

Quilava figurine, with yarn colour comparsion
Quilava figurine, with flames detached

I think many years ago I tried making a fabric plush of this pokemon, but something about its shape made it difficult to decipher. It’s a somewhat conical shaped head with a tapered cylindrical body, finessed into a flattish butt. By contrast, the flames are rigid and flat. Essentially, it is a peak-performance body shape that makes it so popular.

At first, I was thinking of challenging myself with making the body in rounds and colourways; I spent a few hours being carried away with trying this method, before I eventually went back to a more practical approach. Sandwiching two halves together gives you way more control in how the colours meet on the body; you can see the first two attempts versus the third attempt with two halves. I guess I shouldn’t fix what isn’t broken!

Quilava amigurumi trial pieces and final piece comparison
1. Too pointy, 2. Too misaligned, 3. Acceptable
Quilava Amigurumi, side view of body piece
Quilava Amigurumi, back view of body piece

Keeping to my somewhat-stubby style, the body got shortened considerably; it reminds me of a Guinea pig. In this form, I can really see that it is supposed to be a fire rodent.

Quilava Amigurumi, side view without flames

From the official design, I’ve always thought the legs were strangely positioned on the body, so putting them onto the plush was just as strange. The toy I have suggests that it has chunky forelegs and mysterious thin feet tucked under its square butt. I have to admit, these are the reasons why I like quilava.

Quilava Amigurumi, front view without flames
Quilava Amigurumi, side view without flames and figurine comparison
I think I got the gist of the shape.

For the flames, it was a matter of assembling a bunch of flattened cones together into the shapes I needed. In terms of writing it down as an instruction, I find it hard to write about how I always reset the round back to one end of the shape. I hope I can make that clear for the future.

Flame pieces for quilava amigurumi
An assembled flame head piece for quilava amigurumi

Adding all the strange bits together, here are the final results:

Quilava Amigurumi, front view
Quilava Amigurumi, front view showing mouth
Quilava Amigurumi, face view from top down
Quilava Amigurumi, front view showing face from other side
Quilava Amigurumi, front view from other side
Quilava Amigurumi, side view
Quilava Amigurumi, back view
Quilava Amigurumi, front view comparison with figurine

Thanks for reading! I’ve got some plans I’d like to share soon!


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