Pokemon Amigurumi: Houndour Pattern Test

Houndour amigurumi, front view

Here’s a houndour that I got to test a pattern for, from the crochet artist, @everstonelights! This was the first time I got to try out someone else’s pattern, and it was an interesting experience.

You can learn a lot about how people conceptualize their designs for amigurumi, through their patterns. First of all, I don’t usually start my projects with a magic circle, so I finally got around to learning it for this. I’m going to keep using this technique now, for starting rounds!

In this pattern, the method for creating off-centre shapes was produced by changing the spacing of the increases; usually I stick to my combination of single crochets and double crochets to get a “lopsided” effect. It’s pretty cool to know that you could shape a whole amigurumi by using single crochets, but my mind isn’t used to that sort of method – I found that grouping similar intervals together helped me read through this pattern.

Houndour amigurumi, body pieces

I think I managed to interpret most of the pattern, but I did have a bit of trouble at the ear section. They seem to be a bit long, but it doesn’t affect the overall look. With the extra long ears, it looks like a cross with that new corgi pokemon.

Again, it’s all about the details! I realized that my style and preferences do show through the pattern. I made details using my white felt and fabric paint; I also added the skull holes and nose by making a 6-stitch magic ring and a 3-stitch magic ring.

Houndour amigurumi, front view of face

I tend to want to place limbs more towards the bottom of the plush, so that it can stand up. Using the legs from the pattern, it added more to the corgi effect (which is still adorable); I would have never come up with a pattern like this, which makes me realize that I’m getting set in my ways for crocheting. I appreciate how different this style is from my own!

Houndour amigurumi, side view

Here are some more photos of the final result:

Houndour amigurumi, alternate front view
Houndour amigurumi, front view of face in grass
Houndour amigurumi, top down view
Houndour amigurumi, back view
Houndour amigurumi, alternate side view

Speaking of patterns, lately I have been thinking about getting into selling my own patterns. Who knows, maybe I’ll open up some slots for commissions! It kind of depends on if there’s any interest out there.

I have thought about doing these sort of things for years, but I never got around to it. I guess it was a mix between going to school, finding a job, and then finally getting to a point where it has been a stable schedule. Work gets pretty hectic still, but my drive to share my crocheting has been even stronger.

Currently, I am still figuring out details, such as: pattern format, launch schedule, and testing. I also am not sure which ones I should launch first – if you have any preferences, be sure to let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Lovely houndour! I’ve been following your Instagram for a while now and I would love if you started selling your patterns!! I love your unique style and you also make a lot of pokemon that don’t have many patterns out there, so it would be amazing to get to make some of them myself.☺


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